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When a request for benefits is filed with the state’s workers’ compensation system, the request is reviewed through a process known as the utilization process (UR). The UR process is used to determine if the request for medical care and other benefits is necessary. If the request for care is not deemed necessary, the claim is denied. If claim administrators feel a request for benefits requires more evidence or investigation, the claim may be delayed or modified.

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If an injured worker does not agrees with the outcome of the UR process, the worker may request an independent medical review (IMR). When a worker requests an IMR, independent doctors and health care professionals review and evaluate the request for disability benefits in Salinas.

Although it may seem as if the IMR process would benefit the employee, in most cases, it does not. Unfortunately, many of the doctors and health care professionals participating in the IMR process have no personal connection with the worker and are not subject to cross-examination.

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Don’t let a doctor or health care provider who knows nothing about you decide your fate. With the legal representation of an experienced workers comp attorney at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas, your request for benefits will not be overlooked. They will fight for your legal rights and make sure:

  • The insurance company understands your injury and any related conditions
  • The insurance company has sufficient evidence supporting your request for benefits
  • Any issues that arise during the IMR process are quickly addressed and resolved
  • You get the highest amount of compensation possible for medical bills, lost wages, and job displacement

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Are you afraid you won’t be able to afford the representation of a qualified work injury attorney? Unlike many groups who charge upfront fees, the experienced lawyers we work with won’t accept payment until they have successfully settled your case. Although unlikely, if they are unable to get you benefits, you won’t have to pay a dime.

It’s important to note: workers who hire competent legal help typically recover up to four times more in Salinas workers compensation than workers who hire inexperienced legal representation. Make sure you give yourself the upper hand when going up against greedy insurance companies – hire a trusted professional work comp lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas today.

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As hard as it may be to think of taking legal action after suffering an injury, it’s often the only way for injured workers to get the benefits they need. At Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas, the skilled work injury attorneys in our group know it can be difficult to think of legal matters while recovering from an injury. However, they cannot stress enough the importance of quick action. Any delay in reporting an injury or filing a workers compensation claim can diminish the worker’s chances to collect benefits,  putting him at a serious risk of being denied.

Pick up the phone right now and call (831) 296-4224 to schedule a free case consultation. As mentioned above, you won’t owe a dime until you get the benefits that belong to you.