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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas is a joint marketing program created with one goal in mind – to make the process of selecting an attorney easy and stress free. Our group, created under California Business & Professions Code § 6155 (h) (1), offers clients the best and most successful work comp representation throughout Salinas and the surrounding areas.

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When you hire an experienced workers compensation attorney at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas, you can expect top-notch representation and personal attention. You won’t be treated like a number and your case will be handled like it’s the only case. From the minute they are hired, the dedicated work injury lawyers we work with will immediately begin to gather key evidence supporting your request for benefits. They will also:

  • Prepare and submit all of the necessary paperwork
  • Anticipate and address any issues that may arise during filing workers compensation claim process
  • Handle talks with your employer and their insurance carrier
  • Inform you of any changes in the case and consult you regarding critical case decisions
  • Make sure you are receiving the best medical care available

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Salinas

As hard as it may be to refrain from discussing your injury with co-workers or family member, it’s highly recommended you do not speak to anyone about your injury or the circumstances surrounding your injury until you talk to a knowledgeable work comp attorney or Salinas imr lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas.

Employers and their insurance carriers are often looking for a way to prevent paying workers disability benefits in Salinas and sadly, may recruit a co-worker or family member to testify against the worker. Employers or their insurance carrier may also pressure a worker into giving a statement, which is not required by law. Sadly, any information shared with anyone but a work injury lawyer may be misconstrued and used against the employee during the review process.

Salinas Work Injury Attorney

Did you know you only have 30 days from the date you were injured to tell your boss about the injury? If you have not told your boss about your injury, you must do so immediately. Any delay in notifying work could result in a claim denial and ultimately, affect your ability to collect benefits.

When notifying work, the aggressive work injury lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas recommend you provide your employer with a written document detailing your injury, how the injury occurred, and how the injury has affected you. Before submitting the document to your employer, make a copy for yourself and store in a safe place.

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For a free referral to a top work comp attorney at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas, call 831-296-4224 or submit a case contact form. We want to learn more about you and your situation so we can connect you with the lawyer best suited to handling your case. Any information you share with one of our friendly staff members is confidential and will not be shared with any other organization. Consultations are free and all cases are taken on a contingent basis, meaning your attorney does not get paid till you do.

See our Salinas workers compensation FAQs, if you have any queries.