Salinas Disability Benefits

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Salinas

The aggressive work injury lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas understand you may have a lot of questions after getting injured at work and are here to answer as many of your questions as possible. One of those questions may be: “What work comp benefits can I collect?”

When determining what benefits you are eligible for, claim administrators will evaluate a number of factors, such as:

  • The amount of time you will need to take off work. Are you expected to make a full recovery?
  • Did your injury result in permanent disabilities?
  • Does your injury prevent you from performing your current job?

sough-after workers compensation lawyer in Salinas at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group will also carefully evaluate these factors to determine what types of benefits you may be able to get through the Salinas work comp system.

Salinas Disability Benefits

The various types of benefits available to most full and part time employees injured at work are:

  • Temporary disability (TD) benefits – two-thirds of average weekly wage while unable to work
  • Permanent disability (PD) benefits – two-thirds of average weekly wage (maximum of $290.00 per week) if determined to have a disability preventing a return to work
  • Medical care – care that is required to relieve or reduce injury effects
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB) – compensation for job retraining or skill enhancement
  • Mileage expenses – compensation for mileage expenses accrued as a result of an injury

Trusted Work Injury Attorneys in Salinas

If you were denied benefits, but believe the decision was not just, do not wait to speak to a qualified work injury lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas. All too often, valid requests for benefits are denied for invalid reasons.

Did the insurance company deny your claim because the injury was not sustained “under the scope of employment” or was filed too late? Even if your request for care was denied for what seems to be like a minor reason, it’s best to seek the guidance of one of the reputable work injury lawyers in our group.

The letter you received notifying you of a claim denial may have also told you how you can appeal the claim. If you decide to appeal the claim, you will need to request an administrative hearing. At this hearing, you may be asked to present medical evidence or evidence supporting your reason for the appeal. When an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas represents you, you won’t enter the hearing alone and you won’t have to stress over presenting evidence. They will handle every aspect of the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Collecting Disability Benefits in Salinas

The experienced work injury lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group Salinas have a single goal in mind regardless of the nature of the case – to secure full and fair benefits for their clients. They have helped clients get billions for the damages associated with a work injury and will use every resource they have to make sure you get what you deserve.

For more information about our group and how you can get a free referral to a top work injury attorney in the area, please call (831) 296-4224 immediately. Don’t wait another day to get quality legal help. All of the lawyers we work with offer a no win, no fee guarantee and won’t surprise you with any hidden fees. Consultations are free and you won’t be pressured to hire the lawyer we connect you with.

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