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Almost every full and part time employee in the state is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits after sustaining an on the job injury. Almost every type of injury is covered by the work comp system, including some types of emotional injuries. Some of the more common types of physical injuries sustained at work, include head injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, broken bone injuries, and limb loss injuries.

As mentioned above, workers suffering from a work-related emotional injury like depression or anxiety may also be able to get work comp benefits. If you’re not sure your injury will be covered by the Salinas workers comp system, don’t hesitate to contact a skilled workers compensation attorney in Salinas at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group.

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After getting injured at work, you had your injury examined and documented. Your doctor gave you specific treatment instructions and told you when to make follow up appointments. It’s important you follow your doctor’s advice and go to every follow up appointment; however, you must also take two more important steps to collect Salinas disability benefits.

You must report the injury to your employer as soon as you sustained the injury or “discovered” the injury. A verbal conversation will suffice, but it’s best to provide a written notice stating:

  • The type of injury sustained,
  • The body parts affected by the injury
  • The date and location the injury was sustained

If you provide work with a written notice, make a copy of it for your records.

After reporting the injury, you must fill out and submit a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1). To prevent any delay in getting benefits, read and follow all of the directions listed on the form. All too often, workers are delayed or denied benefits because the DWC1 form was not filled out correctly. Make a copy of the form for your records and submit the completed form to your boss.

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Your employer should submit the form immediately to your employer’s insurance carrier for review. The insurance carrier has 14 days from the date they received the form to decide whether or not to approve your claim. Please keep in mind; with an experienced work comp lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Salinas by your side, you can feel confident your case won’t end up in the denied pile. They will present a strong argument on your behalf and won’t be intimidated by difficult claim administrators.

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As much as it may seem like the insurance company is on your side, they are not. Sadly, most insurance companies will do everything they can to prevent paying you benefits. Don’t let them deny you what’s right and fair. Give yourself a better chance at getting a better outcome – hire an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Salinas.

Did you know that you are considerably more likely to get a favorable result with the help of a competent work comp attorney? Contact our group as soon as possible to learn how our trusted work comp lawyers can assist you.

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